Trinity Presets

Trinity Presets

If you want to roll your own Trinity seed, you can do it via the ALTTPR Discord‘s “SahasrahBot”. Just send him a DM (or a text in a channel where he is present) with the following command:

Old way:
$race thkg00fy/#MODE# … Example: $race thkg00fy/trinitykeys

New way:
/alttpr preset preset: thkg00fy/#PRESET# .. Example: /alttpr preset preset: thkg00fy/trinitydev
This won’t work by just copy/paste! You first have to select the “/alttpr preset preset” and entering “thkg00fy/#PRESET#” manually.

Available Presets:

– trinity -> Default Version, starts with “Standard” world state
– trinityopen -> no need to rescue Zelda .. she’s already “safe”

– trinityeasy -> Easy Version (5 Hearts + 1x Fairy Bottle start, up to Quarter Magic, free Bomb+10 and Arrows+10 upgrade, easier enemies)
– trinityhard -> Hard Version (Hard Item Pool and Funcionality, enemies may hit different and are harder to kill)
– trinityexpert -> Harder Version (Expert Pool and Functionality, enemies may hit even harder and are basically TANKS)

– trinityinsanity -> Hardest Version so far!
->Mystery Keysanity, Expert Settings, massive reduced Item Pool, One Heart Start, Full Enemizer, Rupee Bow, max 8 Hearts in game

– trinityretro -> like back in the old days, Arrows cost Rupees, and Caves can have an Old Man
– trinityinverted -> start in the Dark World, get to the Light World- trinitysl -> true fighters don’t need a sword, right? (Swordless)
– trinitykeys -> Keysanity Version
– trinitysl -> Swordless Open .. who needs a weapon anyways?
– trinitysq -> Super Quick, no Crystals needed for GT or Ganon.
– trinityplus -> Four ways to finish: Pieces, Ganon, Pedestal .. and GT Verification Chest

– trinitycb -> start with Pegasus Boots and wake up in your uncle’s bed
– trinityob -> same as the above, but Uncle is gone and Zelda is “safe”
– trinityambrosia -> Bosses won’t have Map, Compass or Keys .. only Items
– trinityinvrosia -> like Ambrosia, but inverted .. and some more thingies

– trinityowg -> Overworld Glitches .. You “might” want to try this version
– trinitynl -> No Logic! You DON’T wan’t to try this!!!
– trinitygl -> No Logic isn’t hard enough? How about removing your gloves!?

If you want to test all older versions, you can use “trinityv#” and replace “#” by the version number (currently 1-5).
Additional there’s a development version (“trinitydev”) which changes from time to time.

There are some additional presets which I’ve created by request from some community members. These presets aren’t shown here, but you might find them if you know where to look. All presets can change from time to time, so you might encounter some new options.