The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past Randomizer: Trinity

What exactly is “ALTTPR Trinity”?

Currently there are THREE ways to finish any Randomizer Seed:
– Ganon: travel through Hyrule and the Dark World and defeat Ganon.
Pedestal: find all three Pendants and go to the Master Sword Pedestal
Pieces: find all needed Triforce Pieces and go to Sahasrahla’s brother in front of Hyrule Castle

In a Trinity Seed, all these goals are valid and YOU have to choose your own way and goal based on the items you find. On the tech side of the randomizer, this is a so called “Part Plando”. To make the magic work, the following settings are always set:

– one Triforce is always directly set on Pedestal
– Triforce Pieces are added to the seed and a designated number of Pieces is necessary to finish by talking to Murahdala
– Crystals for GT and Ganon are both RANDOM and Pyramid is pre-opened (Fast Ganon)

If you want to roll *normal* seeds, you have to contact the “SahasrahBot” on the ALTTPR Community Discord or send him the designated command. All presets that are intended for the community can be found HERE. And if there are any more questions, just contact me!  🙂

Also, several developers have implemented Trinity into their own Randomizers. This gives everyone finally the chance to even play other modes, like Crosskeys, Door Shuffle, Multiworld and so on. Just check out the Community Discord linked above.

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