I’m not dead!

Hey there y’all!

I know it’s been quite silent out here, but there are still things going on at this place.
Most of them are more or less on the backend side, some are barely visible…

Yeah yeah .. everyone knows about that “thing” going on around the globe. Still, whenever I find the time and atitude to do some changes here, they can turn out to be a bit bigger. THis time I’ve decided to make some design changes. They are small, but effective.

Things like a designated Discord button, some optical changes. Small, but useful.
Oh, and there have been some page additions lately gerarding some “A Link to the Past – Randomizer” things.

Meanwhile I plan to upgrade this server. Minecraft eats up a LOT of RAM and performance. Since the availability of newer systems has changed lately, it might happen quite soon…

That’s it for now .. catch you later!!