Crafty-crafty: g00fy stuff!

Hey folks!

If you haven’t noticed, I did some changes to my whole social networks and links. Since some days there has been an addition: g00fy goes Facebook!

Okay, to be honest I have my own page there already, but this was my private and personal (GERMAN) site. Also there are some other different-project-based  links to Facebook, which may appear here sooner or later, too.

What else? Oh, yes: I changed to another Minecraft Mod pack! If you want to learn  more about this, just check the SERVER section of this page. Next, there was an important news on Facebook, which is quoted here:

Hey!!! Looks like we've got our first followers here! Very fine...
Well, there's not so much to find here just yet, jut I'm getting to it.

For now here are some important information for my Minecrafters
1.) Since 1.12 Vanilla is coming closer now, there will be a complete world reset on my Realms server. I've got a big project in my mind already, but more about this later.
2.) My own server is able to host Minecraft, too. It's not super powerful, but should have enough resources for at least 4 players in a modded world. Which Mod pack, you ask? Just check the "g00fy zone" homepage! ;)
3.) "One hour of Minecraft" will be a monthly event on my realm. In this I will try to get as much as possible done .. alone or in a team. Anyone want to take part?

That's it for now... Happy gaming @ all!! :D

Sounds interresting? Well, you can join this fun .. if you want to! Just contact me…  😀

Last thing: there was some talking about a “Monster”. It’s still not up and running, but here’s something to chew on:

  • Intel Core i7-7700k
  • ASRock Z270M-ITX/ac
  • 2x 16GB DDR4-3200 DIMM
  • 1x Corsair Force MP500 120 GB M.2 SSD
  • ASUS GeForce GTX 1080Ti Founders Edition (11GB GDDR5)
  • 1x 2TB SATA HDD
  • Corsair Hydro Series H45 CPU Cooler
  • …more facts are coming soon!

Happy #NOMNOMNOM .. and see you later!!  😀


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