A new adventure!

Wow, this game was laying around in my Steam account for a while now. Well, the evening is young and I’ve got some spare time left… So why shouldn’t I start with a small peek into it: Stardew Valley! Okay, I started with a basic setup: naming, designing .. what should I say? It remings me in my good “old” times on SNES games like Harvest Moon, Terranigma and .. Chrono Trigger. So, I had no other choice but to pick that name!

THis is a tribute to one of the best SNES RPGs ever…!

Welcome everybody to my first steps into s game that awakens soooo many beatiful memories. The music, the whole look & feel, beatiful drawn backgrounds and sprites .. oh, that nostalgia! I’m so in love .. hope that I can keep on with it!

I will post some updates in here now and then .. and there’s still that “LIVE broadcast” thingy… Okay, so far – so good! Wish me look and will!!

g00fy  :o)


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